How it Works

Why use GRIT Health?

Are you one of the 1 in 2 Australians who have a chronic disease? For many people, they have been diagnosed with a chronic disease but have no idea what they need to do keep it under control.  Worse still, the information they need to manage their health is often spread across multiple locations and in the systems of numerous health professionals. To effectively manage a chronic disease you need commitment, courage, tenacity and GRIT. Your long term health issue should not define who you are. Having a chronic disease is hard and the long term impact on your quality of life can be significant. Imagine having someone at the end of the phone who is keeping an eye on what is happening with you and keeping everyone informed along the way. With all the information available, when was the last time you could see all the important information in one place? At GRIT Health, we want you to be involved in your health and to be an active participant in this game we call life, even if you do have a chronic disease. Our goal at GRIT Health is to make sure that you know as much about your health as your treating doctor and that if you need it someone is there to guide you and support you.

The benefits of using GRIT Health include:
    •    your own personal health coach
    •    your own personal health plan
    •    regular reviews of your health plan to make sure it is working
    •    reports can be sent to your GP or other health practitioner so that their clinical decision making is better informed
    •    your “normal” is clear and transparent

For the Individual

GRIT Health is your own dedicated health team. You collect the data relevant to your health (such as blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, exercise, diet) and enter it into our easy to use app.

Our GRIT Health monitoring team analyses this information to make sure your information is as it should be for you AND will be there to support you if you become unwell.

All that is needed is a smart phone or tablet with a 3G/4G connection and we can get started.

For the Organisation

Our competitive monthly fee and no lock in contract makes a GRIT Health subscription a good investment for organisations and individuals alike.

Our monitoring team is trained to respond to even the slightest change in health status and will act to make sure these changes are investigated.

If you are a provider of government subsidised aged care or NDIS services, a GRIT Health subscription is a cost-effective way of maximising the value of the package and providing value for money clinical support.

For the Professional

GRIT Health gives you the peace of mind to know that your client or patient is being monitored, even when you aren’t there.

Our highly skilled monitoring team supported by our industry leading technology will keep an eye out for changes to health status and will be alerted to deterioration or if escalation of care is required.

More importantly, our reporting tools mean that you can have access to client/patient health information that will support your clinical decision making and the treatment you prescribe.

Our 5 simple steps on your path to health


Sign up to GRIT Health, either through the website or by giving us a call on 1300 438 474

We will work with you to develop your personalised GRIT Health plan.

Once your plan is developed you use the GRIT Health app to monitor those parts of your health that are important to you.

Our GRIT Health team will keep an eye on you and your health, making sure your Health plan is working for you and that your data is as it should be.

We will also liaise with your GP and the members of your health team to make sure they know how you are doing.
grit health


How it actually works


Once you have enrolled to GRIT Health, accessing your information through our secure member portal is easy. You control who has access to your information and how much they see.

• Our GRIT app can talk to many devices using Bluetooth technology
• If you haven’t got Bluetooth in say your blood pressure machine or your scales, don’t worry because you can manually enter your information.

• Your GRIT Health plan will be available through the GRIT web app • Your GRIT Health plan is tailored to your needs and can be reviewed if it isn’t working for you • No two health plans are the same because we know no two people are the same

• Load your results into the app/sign off that you have completed the activities identified in your health plan
• Your data is sent securely to our monitoring centre
• Our team check that your figures are as they should be
• We won’t intrude in your life
• How we contact you will be negotiated with you right from the start but if you aren’t well we will know about it

Our team of trained Health Coaches work with you to make sure that your health plan is working for you and that using GRIT is improving your health. If your health is deteriorating or if you aren’t staying on track with your health plan then we will know about it and contact you to find out what is happening.

• If we are concerned about your health at any point or health plan is due for review, we will make sure that your treating clinician is informed of what is going on.
• The advanced analytics in our monitoring database make it easy for us to generate a report to send to either you or your treating clinician containing all of the relevant