Do your clients need support managing long term health conditions?

Or do you have a chronic disease yourself and struggle to keep up with all the medications, diet, exercise etc you have to do?

GRIT Health is a service that uses the latest technology in an easy to use app that supports people with long term or chronic health conditions to improve their health.

Our team of highly skilled nurses work with clients, their referring provider and other members of their health team to develop a personalised GRIT Health plan.

Compliance with the plan is monitored, along with improvements in health.  

This provides peace of mind to consumers and their health care team that someone is keeping an eye on them regardless of where they are or what is going on.

Importantly, GRIT Health provides clinical oversight not otherwise available and helps prevent avoidable admissions to hospital.

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Did you know?



GRIT Health is your own dedicated health team. You collect the data relevant to your health (such as blood pressure, blood glucose, weight, exercise, diet) and enter it into our easy to use app.

Our GRIT Health monitoring team analyses this information to make sure your information is as it should be for you AND will be there to support you if you become unwell




Our competitive monthly  fee and no lock in contract makes a GRIT Health subscription a good investment for organisations and individuals alike.

Our monitoring team is trained to respond to even the slightest change in health status, and will act to make sure these changes are investigated. 

If you are a  provider of government subsidised aged care or NDIS services, a GRIT Health subscription is a cost effective way of maximising the value of the package and providing value for money clinical support.

All that is needed is a smart phone or tablet with a 3G/4G connection and we can get started.




GRIT Health gives you the peace of mind to know that your client or patient is being monitored, even when you aren’t there.

Our highly skilled monitoring team, supported by our industry leading analytics will keep an eye out for changes to health status and will be alerted to deterioration or escalation.

More importantly, our reporting tools mean that you can have access to patient health information that will support your clinical decision making.


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